Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Real content - 1

This afternoon I was visited by two Palestinain gentlemen, one about 60, with his younger brother who is in his 50s. I need a spot of construction done, and they came to check the matter and suggest how they would go about it. We discussed things for bit, and then I said that I couldn't give them a final response before talking with my wife, who makes such decisions in our family. They both grinned, and told me that in their families it was also so.

Human nature, it seems, can be more of a constant than we sometimes think, in this case crossing the lines of the world's most stubborn conflict. What you learn from that, however, depends upon how you understand the world. Some people would take this vigniette as proof that the conflict is stupid, and if only we would realize the extent of our commonalities we would be able to stop fighting. Others would note that conficts can be very real and serious, becasue while in some things we may all be similar, the conflicts are about the things where we aren't.

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