Sunday, July 8, 2007

Moving on

Well, it looks like this experimental blog has more or less exhausted its usefulness. It's time to move to a real blog.

Or is it?

Playing around with this blog was possible becasue I was on vacation from my very full day-job. Since the vacation ended, I've had no more time. On the other hand, just as the vacation was ending, I submitted my resignation to The Boss. I've been there many years, and the time has come to move on there, also (or perpaps: the time has come to move on there, first and foremost). It looks like I'll still be there for quite some months, in order to enable the boss to find a replacement, and to give me some time to train the poor chap (or dame).

As soon as I feel I have the time to sustain a blog, I'll open one, including a final notice from this one pointing to the new one. At which point all 6 of you loyal readers will be informed by your RSS feeds that this blog put out it's last annoncement.

Until then - thanx for the support. It has been fun, educative, and actually, rather suprising. Who ever thought such a ridiculous blog as this one would generate such a vast readership?