Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Real Content - 2

Earlier this evening I was talking with someone about the decisions people make as they become old. We noted the significantly different decisions which have been made by two elderly women we know. The first has refused to make any adaptations that would broadcast her enroaching frialty, saying they would make her feel old. The second does not hesitate to accept the limitations her age is forcing upon her, while keeping up with the things she can do.

The result, ironically, is that the first one is more limited than the second (relative to their different ages and medical conditions). By bowing before the inevitable but sticking to what is unaffected by age, the second seems better positioned both to accept the support she openly acknowledges she needs, and to enjoy the strengths she still has.

Update: I made an editorial change or two in this post on June 20th. Will the post still remain identified as a June 19th post?

2nd Update: Guess so, huh?

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