Sunday, July 8, 2007

Moving on

Well, it looks like this experimental blog has more or less exhausted its usefulness. It's time to move to a real blog.

Or is it?

Playing around with this blog was possible becasue I was on vacation from my very full day-job. Since the vacation ended, I've had no more time. On the other hand, just as the vacation was ending, I submitted my resignation to The Boss. I've been there many years, and the time has come to move on there, also (or perpaps: the time has come to move on there, first and foremost). It looks like I'll still be there for quite some months, in order to enable the boss to find a replacement, and to give me some time to train the poor chap (or dame).

As soon as I feel I have the time to sustain a blog, I'll open one, including a final notice from this one pointing to the new one. At which point all 6 of you loyal readers will be informed by your RSS feeds that this blog put out it's last annoncement.

Until then - thanx for the support. It has been fun, educative, and actually, rather suprising. Who ever thought such a ridiculous blog as this one would generate such a vast readership?


1 comment:

Lydia McGrew said...

I can't believe it. Here I sit, in the Midwestern United States. I just got your book out of the library and am finding it hard to put down. (_Right to Exist_) I do a google search, find this blog, and it's *going out of business.*

Well, shoot.

And when I saw you had a blog I was looking forward to asking all sorts of semi-intelligent questions and even maybe showing the answers to my teenage daughter, who will be reading part or all of the book next year as part of world history. (We home school.) She'd be so impressed. The Internet is a great way to have actual contact with Well-Known Authors and to feel irrationally important oneself as a result.