Sunday, June 24, 2007

Note to Liza

Hi Liza! As you see, I finally got around to the blogcounter thing, and it now works. Thanx muchly for that one also.

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cep said...

Shalom Yaacov!

What a lovely idea, blogging about the experiment of starting a weblog!
I just started one myself on June 18th, also on and can understand your problems very well...

Unfortunately, your blogcounter does not seem to be working properly (and I already envied you for having one); I had a short look at your blog and then came back later, but the counter still says "2"! So maybe you had hundreds of readers without realizing it! ;)

While I write this comment "Blogger" tells me that you activated comment-checking, so comments will not appear in your weblog until you give your o.k.

I hope we´ll get used to working with "Blogger" soon.

Good luck ve shalom al Yisrael!