Thursday, June 21, 2007

Moderating comments

Barbarashm left a comment on an earlier post here. it turns out I had activated a function called "Comment Moderation" or some such, which means - I learn - that comments don't even appear untill after I've vetted them. I suppose if a blog is getting hate-filled rants the blogger might want such a function - but then again, perhaps not. Hate-filled rants tend to look like what they are, and sometimes the most effective way to combat them is to let them stand in the fill glare of sunlight.

Anyway, this blog is ulikely to get there, what with its 4 readers so far. So I've disabled the "Comment Moderation" function, which probably means that readers can post their comments without waiting for my permission. And should I ever find myself writting a popular blog, I certainly don't see where I'd find the time to moderate all the comments.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a comment about you, not your blog item. If you know nothing about blogs, I am the only person who knows less.
I am an admirer of "Right To Exist."
Today, I told an Irish-American friend who lived in Israel for 2 years a generation ago that you are the Israeli I respect the most and that I wondered if you had written a more recent book than "Right To Exist." I take it you haven't. I respectfully request that you do so. I cannot believe that I am the only American who feels as I do.
Sidney Lorvan