Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Here's a link to a rather well-known website:

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Alice said...

Hi Yaacov,

I'm having fun browsing through your 'experimental blog' and your link to a 'rather well known web-site' is absolutely brilliant :D. A friend gave me your address and said: Here, someone you can dialogue with... I'd gladly do so once you'll start Blogging for real. I've established my Blog on Yahoo (http://360.yahoo.com/the_pilot_woman) and it was rather by accident that I started there and not somewhere else... A pity - because probably 'blogger.com' is more popular than yahoo, and we might want to connect in the future, but I'm rather well established there, so I don't think to leave (for now). Just that lately all my Israeli friends have fled in horror (LOL), thinking that from now on I'd be definitely 'sold to the ennemy'. I'm not - but I believe you're clever enough to find out by yourself if you are interested to read... Btw. I know you from far - and you know me, but probably from even further (not sure you'd recognize me...) - After having gone last year with my first yahoo page under my real name through very serious troubles, I've chosen now to stay hidden behind a nickname. At least for those who are not interested in my Blog, and do not connect to me as Yahoo-friends. Anyway - as for me, I'm glad to know you're on the Blog-world - so in one way or another we'll be able to dialogue...
With best wishes, Alice (in Wonder-Land :D)