Wednesday, June 20, 2007


As they say over at the Guardian, Comments are Free. Of course, since it's The Guardian, you'd be gullible to take them at their word without some fact-checking, and so, true to Guardian form, at second glance it turns out that comments are perhaps free, but first you have to register. Since I haven't, I can't say what this might entail. (Something to do some rainy day).

In the meantime, however, Silke sent me a cheerful e-mail, because my comments were configured so that you had to be registered at Google to leave any here. So I've reconfigured (I hope), and now comments really are for free. Ahoi, all you multitudes of loyal readers who aren't registered at Google: even you can now leave messages, freely and for free!

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barbarashm said...

I have registered with lots of newspaper/magazine websites and now, after round about seven years never had any adverse effects. Also I never found out, what the good of that procedure was. Of course I lie to them about my data and take flight immediately, if they ask for my credit card data. On the other hand not registering at the Guardian might be a good idea, if you like to stay away from filth and the more mind boggling reads which can be found on the net.
Opinions by decent non-dreaming people are rather rare.
As I am a German European I feel of course a duty to be informed but it's definitely a strain on my blood pressure.