Friday, June 22, 2007

Article-length posts

Now I'm finally getting somewhere. Ive figured out how to store documents at Google Docs & Spreadsheets, including the way to publish them there, and then link to them from here. (See previous post.)

Then, as a second test, I took the entire document and pasted it into one of my first posts, and you can read it here. This has the advantage of not breaking the rather quick pace of a blog with large articles, but it retroactively changes the blog itself (not important on this experimental blog, but perhaps more so on a real blog).

It occurs to me that I could have two consecutive blogs - one, the active, daily one (yaacov.lozowick@blog, say), and another one on which to store articles (Lozowicksarticles@blog, perhaps).

Finally, I think I'll try to start a personal website, perhaps at bravenet or some such, put an article up there and link to it from here.

PS. since I've been wandering around poking my nose in all sorts of places, I found a website called helium, where they seem to encourage people to publish their thoughts. I should go back and check sometime. Of course, if one's going that way, it would be better to publish in real journals and link to them, but that's a different subject.

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